Join Labor

Only Labor has a plan for a better future – one where opportunity exists for the many, and not just a select few.

From our youngest generations to our eldest, every Queenslander has the right to a secure job that enables them to put food on the table and keep a roof over their head. Our most vulnerable also deserve to be supported – because no one should be left behind.

Our movement believes in fighting for better pay, training, and conditions for workers, real action on climate change, cheaper child care, and stronger frontline services that are available to Queenslanders no matter where they live in our great state.

So stand with us, make your voice heard, and join our movement to create a positive difference in your community.

Make your voice heard

Our movement needs your voice more than ever. As a Queensland Labor member, you can help shape decisions affecting our community, influence the policy of Labor Governments and discuss new ideas with passionate members.

Get organised

Help make the news, don’t just read about it. By getting involved in the Labor Party, members can access exclusive political training and develop their campaigning skills to become the most effective agent for change in their local communities.

Change starts here

Change doesn’t just happen – you have to fight for it. Campaign for fairness and justice in Queensland and to protect our Labor values.

Take the next step

We have so much to fight for – whether it’s gender equality, worker’s rights, protecting Medicare, or climate action. If we don’t organise now, we’ll have nothing left to stand for in the future. So take the next step, and join Labor today.

Alternatively, you can download a printable membership form here.

If you would like a form posted to you, please contact the ALP office on (07) 3844 8101.