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Climate Action

Labor is taking strong, urgent action on climate change.

Queensland is home to the most unique environment in the world. To protect it, and to grow our economy, we must act on climate change to create more jobs in more industries, while reducing our emissions.

The Queensland Labor Government has a proud record on climate action – and with Anthony Albanese as Prime Minister, we finally have a Federal Government that take it seriously too.

In Queensland, the State Labor Government’s Energy and Jobs Plan will transform our state, securing cheaper, cleaner, publicly owned power for generations.

It means we’ll deliver:

  • 50% renewable energy by 2030
  • 30% emissions reduction below 2005 levels by 2030
  • 70% renewable energy by 2032
  • 80% renewable energy by 2035
  • Zero net emissions by 2050

Queensland’s sunshine and wind are already powering hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses and schools with cleaner, cheaper energy. Labor’s bold action is establishing Queensland as the national leader in a low-carbon economy and securing more jobs through investment in low-carbon industries and technologies.

At the federal level, the Albanese Labor Government is undoing a decade of the LNP’s climate denial and delays and delivering the clear national action that climate change deserves.

The Government has already legislated its landmark Climate Change Bills, ensuring Australia’s emissions reduction targets are enshrined in legislation – including a path to net zero.

Together, we have the opportunity to create thousands of new jobs, reduce our emissions, and set up Queensland for a better future.

At all levels of Government, the LNP and their right-wing allies stand in the way of action on climate change.

We can’t let them take us backwards again. This issue is just too important.

Stand up, join the fight, and make your voice heard – become a Labor member today.