Susan Krause

Susan is a proud Toowoomba local, attending local schools and later working in retail, education, and private enterprise with her husband Paul. Having raised her three children in Toowoomba, Susan is committed to ensuring every child receives the best education. Susan is proud to stand with the Miles Labor Government, who are backing Queenslanders with big investments in skills and education, with initiatives like Free Kindy and Free TAFE.

She understands the pressures on families and knows that only a Labor Government will deliver real cost-of-living relief, like the $1,000 energy rebate for every Queensland family and 20% off car rego. This is all at risk under the LNP, who will hand back billions to multinational mining companies and cut the direct cost of living relief they provide.

Susan is dedicated to her community and improving the lives of Toowoomba South residents. She knows that only a Labor Government will do what matters for Queensland.