Susan Irvine

Suse is a proud Maiwar local and community advocate. As a mother, teacher, and lawyer, she is inspired by the community champions she meets every day and is driven to give back to the community and fight for positive change.

Suse is passionate about fostering her vibrant community and is committed to delivering real outcomes for the local area. She understands the importance of connecting communities and supporting lively, liveable neighbourhoods across Maiwar, complete with natural spaces, active and public transport links, and thriving small businesses.

She knows that only the New Miles Labor Government has a real plan to invest in the infrastructure, healthcare, and climate action needed for our state’s future. Suse is proud to be part of a Labor team that is doing what matters for Queensland.

As your local Labor candidate, Suse is focused on preserving her community’s charm while it grows. She is compassionate, determined, and resourceful and will never stop fighting for her community.