Rowan Holzberger


Rowan lives with his family in Beenleigh, a town that the Holzbergers came to in the 1850s, and where his kids go to school today.

Rowan has vast real life experience – he has worked across farming and construction as well as owned a small business.

Every day, Rowan hears from people in Forde. He hears from families who are struggling to get ahead,  hard working people worried about their jobs and older people who are quietly terrified about going into aged care in the neglected state it’s in.

Rowan hears from mums and dads with little kids who can’t find a house to rent, let alone dream of buying one.

He is passionate about affordable housing, affordable quality child-care and rebuilding manufacturing – all Labor policies which will make a positive difference for communities like ours.

Rowan will be a strong voice for Forde.