Rita Anwari

With a background in operational strategies, originally from Afghanistan, Rita arrived in Australia in 1993. Her personal experiences in conflict zones ignited a profound dedication to empowering women.

As the founder of Women Empowerment and Leadership (WEL), she has been an unwavering advocate for women’s rights and education. That’s why Rita wishes to join the New Miles Labor Government to continue to deliver Free TAFE, giving more Queenslanders the opportunity to get ahead.

Rita has been honoured with the International Women’s Day Award for Justice and Gender Equality and has received over 54 national awards, including a token from the Federal Senate for her community work. Recently, she was appointed to Cricket Australia as a multicultural ambassador.

Rita’s leadership in organising international ministerial delegations has been pivotal in promoting Australian business on the global stage. She has successfully facilitated dialogues and partnerships that have led to significant economic and social benefits for participating countries. Her work in these areas has established her as a key figure in fostering international cooperation and development.

Rita knows that only the New Miles Labor government will act on cost-of-living relief, delivering cheaper registration, energy, and public transport.

Rita is passionate about helping those who face family domestic violence and sexual harassment and will fight for gender equality and respect in the workplace.