Naomi McQueen

Naomi lives in Twin Waters with her husband, where they are raising their teenage children. She loves calling the Sunshine Coast home and understands the challenges our community faces.

Having worked as an air traffic controller for the last 20 years at the Sunshine Coast Airport, Naomi has seen how much our suburbs have changed as more people move to the Coast. She understands that only a Labor Government will deliver the infrastructure and services our community needs, like the Sunshine Coast Rail and upgrades to the Bruce Highway. 

While juggling work, study and raising a family, Naomi is an active member of our community, volunteering for groups like OzHarvest and Park Run. She has experienced firsthand the increased pressure on family budgets with rising household bills. She knows that only a Miles Labor Government will deliver real cost of living relief like the $1,000 energy rebate because they will make sure the big multinational mining companies pay their fair share.

Naomi is proud to be an advocate for her community. She will work hard to ensure that as the community grows, the Sunshine Coast maintains its beautiful coastal charm.