Lisa O’Donnell

Lisa O’Donnell is a dedicated mum of three and a senior mathematics teacher who knows the challenges of raising a family and managing a household budget. Having lived on the Southside for over 19 years Lisa witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of the Newman LNP government’s rash decision to sack over 14,000 government workers, including teachers, nurses, and ambulance staff. As the parent of a patient at the Children’s Hospital, Lisa observed the damaging effects of these cuts on hospital staff and services, which not only compromised the access to her daughter’s care but also took a toll on the wider economy including many local small businesses. Lisa fears the LNP has not learned from its past mistakes and may be set to repeat them.

The experiences from when the LNP was last in Government fuelled Lisa’s commitment to fighting for better policies that prioritise people and community needs. As a parent and teacher, she understands the importance of providing quality health services, investing in infrastructure, and creating training opportunities for the relevant jobs of the future.

Lisa is also a passionate advocate for sustainable policies and climate action. She supports the urgent need to address climate change and understands the importance of transitioning to renewable energy sources, promoting conservation, and investing in green technologies for a sustainable future.