Letitia Del Fabbro


Letitia has the experience and passion to be a strong local voice for the residents of Fadden.   

Living locally in Fadden with her partner and young family, Letitia has been a nurse educator at Griffith University since 2008. She completed a Bachelor of Nursing in South Australia, undertaking her final placement at the Gold Coast Hospital in 1994, and went on to devote her professional life to improving the lives of others, mainly in the fields of health and education.   

Letitia understands the importance of strong public policy in healthcare. Having witnessed the support services like young care and disability care provided her brother during his life, Letitia knows firsthand that robust Medicare system is what we need to support Gold Coast families.  

Letitia’s father was the first in his family to attend university, benefitting from the tertiary education policies of the Whitlam government. Letitia understands how important a good education is, and the opportunities it can provide. 

Letitia will ensure that the residents of Fadden can work secure local jobs, rely on their health and hospital systems, and build lives for themselves and their families on the northern Gold Coast.  

Prosperity for the residents of Fadden will hinge on secure local jobs, cheaper child care, and a strong health and Medicare system – Letitia will fight to deliver for her local community. 

Fighting for all Queenslanders.

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