Jo Justo

Jo Justo lives in Maroochy River with her life partner Lurline and has seen the growth the Sunshine Coast community has experienced in recent years and understands that we need the investment in infrastructure to support these changes whilst maintaining the character of our lifestyle.

An active community member, Jo has always been passionate about getting results for her community.  With a Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services) and a wide working experience from farming, women’s refuges and defending workers’ rights to small businesses and many community volunteer roles, Jo has a long track record of standing up for what is right and sorting out what needs to be fixed. She believes in a fair go and collaboration. She knows that only a Labor Government will stand up for everyone in our community and deliver the services and support we need.  Together with a Labor Government, Jo will work hard and advocate for Ninderry.

Ninderry needs a fresh approach and Jo has the experience and the ability to ensure Ninderry gets the changes our community deserves.