Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

  1. This Direct Debit Request Service Agreement sets out the terms on which you, by signing the declaration and providing your account details on the ALP Membership Application Form, have authorised the Queensland Branch of Australian Labor Party (ALP) to charge your credit card or debit card on or about the first day of every month for the relevant membership as specified on your membership form.
  2. The ALP can vary this Agreement at any time after giving you 14 days notice of the changes to your email address provided to the ALP.
  3. New members joining via Direct Debit will be charged the discounted monthly rate applicable for the first 12 months of their membership. After 12 months, the monthly charge will automatically revert to the relevant fee applicable based on your income declaration.
  4. You acknowledge that the membership fee may be adjusted from time to time.
  5. By completing the Agreement you confirm you are or have authority to act on behalf of the Account Holder for the nominated account.
  6. You can cancel, vary, defer or suspend the Direct Debit Request, or stop or suspend an individual debit from taking place under it, by notifying the ALP at info@qld.alp.org.au at least 7 days before the direct debit is due to be charged. If notification is given less than 7 days before the debit is due, we cannot guarantee processing of that upcoming direct debit process will be stopped.
  7. You must ensure you have sufficient credit available on your nominated credit card or nominated bank account on the due date to permit the payments under the Direct Debit Request.
  8. If a debit from your nominated bank account or a charge to your nominated credit card is unsuccessful we will attempt to debit again twice. If still unsuccessful, we will contact you to arrange alternative payment.
  9. You must notify the ALP if your nominated credit card is cancelled or your relevant account becomes unavailable for use for direct debit.
  10. If any fees are incurred by the ALP from a dishonoured direct debit, these fees will be passed on to you at the discretion of the ALP.
  11. Where you consider that a debit has been initiated incorrectly, you should contact the ALP as soon as possible by sending an email with details of your complaint to info@qld.alp.org.au.
  12. If you have agreed on your Membership Application form to donate regularly to Labor’s Fighting Fund, deductions from your nominated account will be made to the Fighting Fund in the same manner as set out in this Service Agreement in relation to membership fees.
  13. The ALP’s Privacy Policy (www.queenslandlabor.org/policy) applies to any information you provide to ALP in connection with this Direct Debit Request. Consistent with that Policy, Information about your accounts will be kept confidential, except to the extent necessary to administer your direct debit arrangements or as required by law. If a claim is made on our financial institution in relation to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit, we may be required to disclose this information to our financial institution.
  14. Members who are renewing their membership via Direct Debit will be charged the monthly fee starting on 1 January for the applicable membership year. If the renewal application is received after 1 January, the member will be charged the applicable fees for the months of the year missed back to 1 January in the applicable renewal year.