Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson works as a community mental health nurse at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

Chris was born in the country town of Young, NSW, where he was raised by his mechanic dad and homemaker mum.

Chris has lived in Upper Coomera with his husband Angus for the past twenty-one years – and has seen a dramatic change in the area.

Driving in heavy traffic to Southport for work is a daily reminder to Chris how fast his community is growing.

Chris is Labor because he knows only Labor invests in important infrastructure such as roads, public transport, schools and education, and healthcare.

Chris has been a community advocate delivering a new public hospital for Coomera, new schools, a new police station, a new fire station, new ambulance station,  as well as upgrades to the M1 exits and delivering the Coomera Connector.

Cost of living relief is more important than ever. There is only one reason the government can provide electricity bill relief – because we kept Queensland’s electricity assets in public hands.

Chris lives in the real world. He’s a working-class guy – not a professional politician.

The empathy and compassion he shows every day at work make him a great advocate.

Only Chris and Labor have a plan to deliver for the Coomera community.