Bisma Asif

Labor Candidate for Sandgate

Bisma Asif believes in building a fairer future where everyone has the chance to work hard and get ahead.

She lives in Sandgate with her husband, Mitchell, and has put her hand up to represent her community because she knows only Labor can deliver the quality hospitals, local schools and infrastructure our community needs.

Bisma saw firsthand the importance of Labor Governments when Campbell Newman and the LNP were sacking workers at Queensland Rail, where her dad worked. She knows our community can’t risk the return of the LNP and their agenda of cuts.

Bisma knows the value of hard work. As a teenager, she worked three jobs to help support her family and pay the rent. This experience inspired her to study Economics and value the importance of a strong local economy.

As your representative, Bisma’s top priority will be fighting to deliver more investment to ensure secure well-paying jobs to help families pay the bills and provide for a better future.