Barbara O’Shea

Barbara believes in a fairer future for our community with a housing market that works for everyone, support for those struggling with cost of living pressures and continued access to well-funded healthcare.

Barbara is a Doctor, a small business owner and a mother of three. She and her husband met as flatmates in West End and have lived, worked, and raised their family in South Brisbane.

Ensuring housing is available for everyone is the reason Barbara put her hand up to represent our community. With sons in their twenties, she knows first-hand how the cost of living is hurting renters and she will always stand for a better deal for renters and first home buyers. Growing up in public housing, Barbara understands how essential stable accommodation is and she is determined to get people out of tents and into permanent housing. Barbara knows that Labor is the Party of public housing and is the only Party taking real action on driving down the price of housing for everyone.

Barbara has worked as a doctor in Emergency and Mental Health at the PA Hospital and with drug users in South Brisbane. She understands that better access to quality medical care means a healthier community and knows that Labor is the only party committed to public healthcare.

Barbara has always fought for fairness and as your representative, she will fight for a future that changes lives for the better so that more Queenslanders have a home, receive cost of living relief, and continue to be able to access well-funded quality healthcare.