Our State Achievements

The Queensland Labor Government continues to deliver good jobs, better services, and a great lifestyle for all Queenslanders.

Due to our strong economic management we’re able to make investments into the things that matter like health, education and building the infrastructure our growing state needs. Our plan for the future is about decent secure jobs and a great quality of life. Queensland’s best days are ahead of us.

Below are just some of the ways the Queensland Labor Government is delivering for Queenslanders:

  • Creating over 482,000 jobs since coming to Government and achieving the lowest rate of unemployment on record.
  • Building cleaner, cheaper, and more secure energy for all Queenslanders through the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan to deliver 70% renewable energy by 2032.
  • Delivering the Queensland Health and Hospitals Plan, the largest investment in healthcare in Queensland’s history while employing 8,400 new nurses, 2,800 more doctors and 800 new ambulance officers.
  • A record investment of $3.9 billion in social and affordable housing on top of having already delivered over 4,000 new social homes across Queensland.
  • Leading the nation in industrial relations, being the first state to make wage theft a criminal offence, pass industrial manslaughter legislation and improve access to paid Domestic and Family Violence leave.
  • Built 21 new world-class schools while employing over 7,000 new teachers and teacher aides since coming to government.
  • Making a record $29.7 billion investment in transport and roads across Queensland, delivering over 25,000 new jobs.
  • Secured the 2032 Olympic Games putting Queensland on the map for global investment, creating 91,600 jobs.
  • Deploying an extra 2,025 additional police personnel and an extra 500 firefighters across Queensland to continue to serve and protect our communities.
  • Kept our energy assets in public hands, putting downward pressure on household budgets and providing a $575 rebate on power bills over the last 4 years.
  • Committed to the National Plan to End Violence Against Women and invested $363 million to implement outcomes from the Women’s Safety and justice Taskforce.
  • Delivering some of the best pay conditions for front line public servants in Australia, with cost of living payments and an 11% pay rise over 3 years for our police, teachers, nurses, and midwives.