Our Brisbane City Vision

The Labor for Brisbane team has a strong vision for Brisbane, a vision for a city where residents come first.

The LNP has been in charge of City Hall for almost two decades now, and every year that goes by residents are paying more and more in rates and getting less and less in return.

Residents deserve value for their rates, they deserve services for their rates, they deserve safe, clean, well-maintained and accessible suburbs for their rates, and they deserve affordable housing for their rates.

Instead, all they’re getting in return from the LNP are rorts, huge cost blowouts from poorly manage projects and millions of dollars spent on self-promotion.

While the LNP wastes millions on advertising themselves and mismanaged projects, Labor will get back to the basics, boosting funding for footpaths, roads, community clubs and facilities, public transport, and basic services like kerbside collection.

While the LNP continues to contract out and casualise Council’s workforce and snub local manufacturing jobs, Labor will bring ongoing Council work back in house, and ensure Council assets like buses and playgrounds are built here, by local workers.

While the LNP claim to be green by purchasing dodgy carbon credits from China and India, Labor will take real action on climate change by introducing a Food Organics, Garden Organics (FOGO) waste management system, diverting waste from landfill, creating jobs, reducing emissions and saving ratepayers millions.

While the LNP are hell-bent on handing out developer discounts to billionaire businesses to build 5-Star hotels, Labor will strive to ensure there is certainty of affordable access to housing for all Brisbane residents.

Whether it’s ending the rorts and waste in City Hall, revitalising our forgotten suburbs, backing secure, local jobs for Brisbane workers, fighting climate change, protecting our natural assets, or ensuring residents have access to a safe, secure home, Labor has your back.