Where do I fit in?

The Queensland Labor family is a strong and diverse group, powered by our passionate and dedicated members. We come together, sharing values of fairness, equality and social justice to work towards one goal: to make sure all Queenslanders have the same opportunities in life.

There are many ways that members can get involved and participate – so where do you fit in?

Our grassroots local branches are the lifeblood of the ALP. Joining a local branch is a great way to make new friends and is the first step to getting involved in campaigning on the issues that matter.

The ALP also promotes equity and seeks to further equity programs and outcomes, including resources, access and structure, through Equity Groups formed by ALP members.

Labor Associations are spaces for members to come together as a group and undertake policy research, discussion and debate, targeted campaigning and community engagement.

Signing up to help your local Labor campaign is a great way to get involved in your community and help win elections for Labor. Local activism is how we make a real difference.