Join your Union

The Australian Labor Party has its roots in the workers’ rights movements of the late 19th Century. Many decades of struggle and suppression motivated organised labour to establish Labor Electoral Leagues to pursue political representation – all for the betterment of Australian working men and women.

Queensland workers have always played a central role in our Labor story.  From the shearers strike culminating in the first gathering of Labor members under the Tree of Knowledge in Barcaldine in 1891, to the first Labor Government in 1899; the Labor Party has a strong and colourful history in Queensland.

For over 100 years the union movement has fought to make long-lasting improvements in the lives of working people in Australia.

You can thank union members for the workers’ rights so many of us take for granted. Universal superannuation, Medicare, penalty rates, annual, parental and sick leave – even the weekend.

Union members will always stand together for better workplace conditions and protected workers rights.

Being a Labor member and a union member go hand in hand.