Sue Ferguson


From a young age, Sue was surrounded by family who instilled in her the values of hard work and care for others, her mother a nurse and her father a mechanical engineer and small business owner. Sue’s large extended family were country people, and immigrants looking for a better life for their families. Sue’s family were her role models, teaching her the significance of contributing to the community and serving to help others. 

Sue followed in her mothers footsteps, a career in nursing, both as a registered nurse and midwife, working in the public health system for a number of years. Sue’s passion to work in the area of health promotion saw her working in community health and in schools with at risk adolescents. With a wealth of experience, Sue is now working once again in the community with our most vulnerable people and supporting those front line workers to ensure they are safe and supported.

A member of the Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union, Sue believes in the support unions bring to their members, ensuring workers’ livelihoods and working conditions are protected and progressive.

Sue’s passion in the area of illness and injury prevention  originates from her experiences as a nurse. She believes health is a priority for all ages and a robust system is required to ensure everyone in the community has access to the highest quality care, ranging from newborns to the elderly. 

As a parent of five children, Sue understands the challenges women face in their lives to juggle a career and raise a family. With the ever increasing cost of living and demands on families, Sue believes in creating supportive communities where everyone has the opportunity to be valued,respected and given the best opportunities to succeed.

Sue is dedicated to represent the people of Fairfax, to be the voice of our regional area, to ensure we receive a fair share of the prosperity we create and to have equal access to the same standard of education, health care and community services as our fellow Australians. Sue is dedicated to protecting our beautiful environment so it can be shared and treasured by generations to come.

Sue will fight for labor values, fairness, equality and social justice and commits herself to the needs of the people of Fairfax through the Federal Parliament.

Sue Ferguson
Candidate for Fairfax

Fighting for all Queenslanders.

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