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As Principal of Cavendish Road State High School, Corrine understands what it means to be a trusted member of a close knit community that cares.

A highly respected educator for more than 22 years, Corrine knows that a good education changes people's lives and helps build stronger communities. Corrine McMillan has a proven record of leadership to be our community's voice in parliament.

Corrine McMillan is an established leader in our local community. In addition to being a school Principal, Corrine is also a member of the local Community Policing Board and the Board of the Mount Gravatt Show Grounds. Corrine has also helped lead a number of local community initiatives including Cyber Safety Information Forums, anti-bullying campaigns as well as supporting a Homework Hub to help local families.

Corrine will use her energy and experience to help deliver for our community. A major focus will be working to further improve our schools and health services for local families. She will also work with the community and local businesses to tackle suburban traffic hotspots so that residents spend less time on the roads and more time at home with family.