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Anthony is a passionate community campaigner who has proven he can make a difference.

Anthony is committed to quality and accessible public health care. He has dedicated his working life to improving public health services and caring for patients. As a Senior Doctor, Anthony worked and conducted research at both the Prince Charles Hospital, and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Anthony understands the issues affecting Stafford – he is working tirelessly to ensure local residents are heard, and that effective action is taken to address their concerns. Anthony is well known for his previous work as a Maxillofacial Surgeon where he was dedicated to improving community safety. Anthony carries this dedication into his role at the Member for Stafford. Every family in Stafford deserves to be safe at home and outdoors.

Anthony knows that education is the key to a solid family and a strong community.  It was education and hard work that gave Anthony the opportunity to develop his skills and build a career. He wants to make sure that opportunity is available for all kids growing up in our community.

Anthony has been happily married to Pam for 34 years. They are proud parents of four boys who are presently; a Teacher, a Doctor, a Police Officer, and an Events Co-Ordinator. Through his work and through his family, Anthony hears first-hand and understands the issues affecting our community.

Anthony serves as Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.