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Brendon Huybregts

Brendon is one of six children, born in Toowoomba and raised by his parents in the Condamine electorate.

He attended school at Oakey and was involved in his community, running several events and programs to benefit the local youth. Brendon met his wife of nine years during this time, sharing their interest in educating the next generation to be active participants in their local community. 

They now happily reside in Toowoomba, but continue their work with the youth of the Condamine electorate, through a performing arts program they started ten years ago; encouraging local young people to find their potential and to raise funds for various charities, locally and nationally.

Brendon has a passion for social justice; ensuring that every person in our community is given equal opportunity to succeed in today's society. 

Brendon knows the Condamine electorate, its people, and wants to be part of the Palaszczuk Labor team that delivers for the community and is getting on with Queensland’s Economic Recovery Plan.