Contact Liam Culverhouse

McDowall Ward

Liam lives with his wife, Rebecca and young son in Stafford Heights at the southern end of the McDowall Ward. Liam understands firsthand the continued impacts that rate rises are having on local families and is disappointed that McDowall Ward receives so little investment in return. 

Like many in our community, Liam’s family enjoys spending time in local parks and reserves, riding its bikeways and visiting dog parks with their two small dogs. Liam can relate to residents’ frustrations when basic services are neglected, poorly maintained, are unsafe, or in some instances are non-existent.

Liam is passionate about our community, working tirelessly to understand the various challenges individuals and groups are experiencing and is often able to provide innovative and community-driven solutions.

Liam is active in the local Neighbourhood Watch, attends school P&C meetings, is a member of the NOW Business Building Community and supporter of the McDowall Wildlife Preservation Group.

Liam also held the position of Chairperson of the Lilley Australia Day awards, recognising the valuable contributions made by volunteers within our community.

For more than 10 years, Liam has raised thousands of dollars for local community and health causes, including ‘Movember’.
As an experienced Information Technology and Communications professional, Liam will bring up-to-date IT knowledge to City Hall.

Liam believes that McDowall Ward matters and deserves a fairer share of funding and better representation in City Hall. Liam is committed to ensuring residents are at the centre of all Brisbane City Council decisions and will be a strong voice for the McDowall Ward.

As a local, and a father, Liam wants to be part of creating a better future for not only his family, but all families in the McDowall Ward.