Mick Denton


Mick is a local who understands the communities of Petrie. He grew up here, going to school in Scarborough and he is now raising his family locally with his wife Claire, first living in Redcliffe before moving to North Lakes in 2007.

Since 2005 Mick has worked at the Ampol Lytton Oil Refinery and has spent years fighting to ensure that Australian industry and manufacturing is supported to keep locals in good jobs. 

As a blue collar worker in the resource sector, Mick will always fight for the jobs of local workers and fight for better pay and conditions. He knows the value of permanent jobs and will fight against dodgy labour hire that undercuts local workers. 

Through his years long fight to keep the refinery open Mick knows the value of making things here in Australia and not overseas. He knows that rebuilding Australian manufacturing and industry are key to Australian economic strength. 

Having become a father at a young age Mick understands what it’s like to struggle to put food on the table and have to make the choice between buying food and paying bills. 

Alongside fighting for good secure local jobs, Mick will ensure tackling the cost of living and helping local families get ahead is at the forefront of everything he does.

Mick understands our community and will be a local champion to ensure we get the funding we need to our local hospitals and that our growing area gets its fair share of infrastructure investment. 

Mick is ready to fight hard every day for the people of Petrie and to elect a Labor Government focused on working families.

Fighting for all Queenslanders.

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