Jason Brandon


Jason knows firsthand how important a good, safe, and long-term job is for workers and families in North West Queensland. Working in the mining and resources sector as an Occupational Health and Safety professional, he fights for workers’ rights and safety on construction projects in power transmission, natural resources and new energy generation. On top of his work at a local engineering company, he assesses risk at one of the world’s largest mining complexes; across the mining, processing and smelting assets of Mount Isa Mines.

He knows how hard life has become for workers and families over the last eight years of a Liberal Government. Wages have gone backwards and despite promising to fix the scourge of casualization, Scott Morrison and the LNP have actually introduced changes that will make it even harder for casuals to get secure, well-paid work.

For people like Jason, the pressures of FIFO work and under labour hire companies has put extra pressure on locals, leading to an overload of social services as they manage the rising cost of childcare and boom cycle rental spikes.

Regional Queensland is suffering under this government. Kennedy is already last in Queensland for full time GPs to residents and Jason knows that the Morrison Government’s cuts to Medicare will hurt those in North West Queensland most.

We need someone down in Canberra who is not afraid to stand up to Scott Morrison’s neglect of regional Australia.

Jason Brandon
Candidate for Kennedy

Fighting for all Queenslanders.

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