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With the retirement of Jamboree’s long serving Councillor, Jamboree deserves a new Councillor who can hit the ground running.

Living locally in Riverhills and working in the community every day, Rachel knows the issues firsthand, having grown up in Middle Park and working in the local community her entire life.

Working for our State MP Jess Pugh, Rachel proudly serves the community every day.

Rachel knows the issues that locals face and knows how to help.

Rachel has a plan for tackling congestion on local roads, by upgrading school zones, unblocking choke points, making public transport easier, and working with Jess Pugh to fix the Centenary Highway.

Rachel is a team player that will work with Federal Member Milton Dick MP and State Member Jess Pugh MP, as part of a local team working hard to get the best possible outcomes for the community.

Jamboree deserves someone who understands what it means to be local, and will fight to protect our way of life.