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Jo Culshaw is the Labor Candidate for the Brisbane City Council 2020 Election for Doboy Ward.

Jo grew up in a small country town, so knows the hardship of remote rural life and the need for strong community spirit to drive positive change.

Over the last 20 years, Jo has been a Senior Teacher at a large and culturally diverse High School and during this time has developed a great awareness of the importance of local community and the need to nurture our youth and family communities of all backgrounds to create a better society for the future.

Jo is very aware of the needs of local industry and since starting her professional career over 30 years ago has worked with industry to develop vocational education and training standards at both a state and national level.

Living in the Doboy Ward for over 21 years raising her family, Jo has actively sought to engage with her community. She has been involved in setting up a Social Justice Group with her local Church, working as a volunteer for her daughter’s school, community groups and is actively involved in her local Bushland Preservation Group.

As local communities, families and local industries are what have the greatest impact on our day to day life, Jo is actively aware of the need to improve and align the interests of these groups to ensure we can get the best community and place to live here in Doboy.

With Jo Culshaw as the Councillor for Doboy, you are guaranteed a member who is a long-term local who knows the area and will fight to make sure Doboy is the best place to live in Brisbane