Gen Allpass


Gen Allpass is a genuine member of the Groom community. She went to school here and works here.  Her children were born, raised and go to school here and her extended family live locally. 

Gen is truly invested in the area. She has a proven record of hard work and advocacy across the region. Gen is a passionate local women’s advocate and the founder of an award winning volunteer based not for profit organization.  In 2018 Gen won the Social Justice Award for her work, standing up for at risk, marginalised members of our community. 

Gen is particulary passionate about better and more affordable public housing, secure employment with a decent and livable wage as well as bringing back local manufacturing opportunities.  

Gen understands many of the issues impacting her community because she has lived them and is on the ground talking and listening to locals at every opportunity. 

Gen is looking forward to representing Groom with honesty, integrity and accountability. 

Fighting for all Queenslanders.

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