Ashwina Gotame

Labor Candidate for MacGregor

Ashwina is a passionate community activist, an accomplished educator and a corporate professional who loves living on Brisbane’s vibrant multicultural Southside with her family.

Ashwina’s vision for MacGregor Ward is a caring multicultural community that works together to support every part of our beautiful and diverse population. She understands that when people show respect for one another and work together, great things can be achieved.

Like many children of migrants and working people, Ashwina’s family taught her the value of hard work and education. This led Ashwina to pursue a career in teaching, so she could pass on her experiences.

Ashwina is dedicated to making everyone feel a part of our beautiful MacGregor community, celebrating every individual and unique part of our lively and exciting suburb.

Ashwina will make a difference by standing up for MacGregor, being a strong voice for residents who knows the issues and fights for them. She will advocate for better local services, better infrastructure, and better public spaces for our community. Ashwina will be the champion that our community deserves.